On “Switching Off”

We all do it… several things on the go, juggling between priorities and a mass of  files open on our computer. There comes a point, in order to retain sanity and to be able to focus on the job at hand we must take some time to clear the computer screen. We can liken this to switching  off our brain from work. This can be challenging especially if we have a demanding job,  lots of responsibilities and the pressure is ongoing. However,  if we are going to be able to sustain high and healthy performance we have to be able to log off. To create  a clear boundary between work and home we need two things:

  1. find what best works for you 
  2. create a routine so it becomes a habit

For me, I  am an active relaxer and I now have regular yoga sessions 3 times a week: Tue, Thur evenings and Sat morning  booked into my diary and in between a walk or run. Murry, my husband, when his work ends he puts his cell phone out of reach – every night.  Others use the drive home and a few tracks from the likes of  Ed Sheeran, Cat Stevens or Andrea Bocelli.  And our list makers write down a few unfinished tasks or concerns  ready to be addressed tomorrow. Whatever it takes to help you tune out, reflect on the day , think more creatively or simply  clear the deck.

So, what can you do to regularly close the tabs in your head to help disconnect from work and how can you embed this in to your everyday?