Team and Culture Change

Working with the big picture – strategy and culture : Customised to make the big game change with your company or team – better performance alongside a healthier culture.  

A thriving and long-term sustainable business needs to be both “smart” and “healthy“.

‘Smart’ is about vision, a solid strategy, having the technical expertise, being market-savvy, having the right systems and technology.   Combine this with a ‘healthy’ culture where there is collective purpose, embedded values, good alignment as to ‘how we behave around here’ and positive connections between people and across the business.

The areas I work with are:

Discover Your WHY

Your Collective Purpose and Core Values

Creating ‘identity’ and  a cohesive  sense of belonging -building enthused engagement and alignment across your team or organisation.  

I use novel and inspiring methods to assist you and your staff identify your collective purpose and core values. These are developed so you can use on a day-day basis.

We can also work on your vision for your company and team as well.

A fresh,  compelling and  inspired experience  with a clear outcome.

Cohesive and Healthy Teams

Helping your team members work well together.

This programme sets strong foundations for a healthy, cohesive and inspired team.  The approach is to start with self and people awareness. It then moves onto how to better work with others who are different to you. Concrete personal and interpersonal ready- to-use communication skills are developed along the way.

It  will develop the emotional intelligence of your team/s, a better of sense of belonging and a more collective approach to achieving results.

The programme is designed to be positive, challenging and rewarding all at the same time. We will also have a bit of fun to boot.

Performance Achievement System

A developmental system to achieve higher and healthier performance on an ongoing basis. 

Different to the traditional KPI approach.

Based on firstly identifying the areas that really matter for an individual’s performance with simple, goal setting , action planning and implementation. Secondly putting in place positive ongoing mechanisms to help achieve and provide support. Conversations that matter between manager and employee are an important component here.

This is for those companies who are truly committed to high sustainable performance

Culture Change Audit and Strategy

A lot of companies think their culture is great but how do you really know? Do you know what what do you actually have to do to make positive change and truly become an Employer of Choice.

What’s your current reality ?

Where do you want to be?

And how are you going to get there? 

Contact me to build and retain a thriving team, or …

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