Shaping leaders and teams so businesses thrive

I believe in the power and potential of people to make a difference.

– Sue Pickering

How I got started on this path

Leadership and culture development is my thing. Five years ago I set up Develop Ltd, on the back of 25 years’ of unique experience in the horticulture industry.

I was the first Executive Officer for NZ Kiwifruit Growers Incorporated, Senior Business Manager, 2IC and Acting CE of HortNZ. She has worked within and managed constant industry and organisational change. Specialising in people capability, I spearheaded and delivered several ground-breaking gamechangers from scratch, including the Young Grower of the Year and the HortNZ Leadership Programme. I now bring her deep knowledge and inspiration to her clients.

Throughout mycareer I have had the privilege to work closely with extraordinary current and emerging leaders. These have been my inspiration. I love building high performing and healthy individuals , teams and organisations in the context of dynamic, complex and uncertain environments where everyone is being asked to do more with less. My sweetspot is bridging the gap between our new generation leaders and the generations before them.

My Service 
is for those committed to developing their leadership edge.  

My Purpose 
is transforming leaders and cultures through inspired growth  

My Focus 
is on smart performance, heathy behaviours and real results.  

What got us here will not get us there”  

Marshall Goldsmith

In the past, many agribusinesses have been more focused on technical excellence rather than developing succession, leadership that fits today’s world and heathy cultures.  However we are in a new era and more than ever businesses are recognising the need for high performing leaders who are smart and healthy:  those who can embrace the challenges and opportunities without burning themselves and others out.  

Also our new generations have a huge amount to offer but they expect more.  They see things differently and act differently. How do you work with this; when you are busy with core business , when things keep changing – its hard!   

I  help businesses embrace this new era. Through working with middle – senior staff and emerging leaders and how they lead, I support organisations to become to become employers of choice. I supports high-performing and healthy work environments that enable and inspire their people.