GameChange Leadership Programmes

  • Are you a middle /senior manager in the horticulture sector?
  • Do you want to be a better leader?
  • Do you want to contribute more to your organisation?

The GameChange Leadership Programme is regionally based and designed to help technically smart managers become better people leaders, especially in dynamic and high pressure environments

You’ll learn how:

  • to be transformational and human-centred without compromising productivity
  • operate more effectively in high pressure, high performance environments

By connecting and bouncing off other like-minded emerging leaders you’ll learn how to lift and shift your leadership from the inside-out. 

You”ll come away with:

  • greater confidence to take the lead
  • new ways of thinking
  • practical tools you can apply on a day-day basis.
  • greater self-awareness
  • a “can do” approach
  • a strong, long term, local network for the future
  • a personal leadership plan

Many leadership programmes leave us knowledgeable but not necessarily clear as to how to translate the learning into effective action.

The GameChange Leadership Programme has been structured so that what your learn will be embedded into your individual plan. The idea is to make the learning stick through sensible, manageable habits

The GameChange Stack is made up of three broad clusters:

Lead Myself

Engage And Enable Others

Inspire and Influence


We’ll cover

  • unraveling “leadership” and what it really means
  • enabling-leadership styles; how to become a leader others want to work for
  • the power of mindset and how effective leaders behave
  • understanding ourselves, understanding others and working with differences in people.
  • emotional intelligence; how to have good, meaningful conversations using simple everyday communication tools
  • how to be resilient and lead under pressure.
  • personal productivity and getting stuff done
  • how to build healthy, productive, accountable teams; nurture genuine trust and address conflict
  • how to create and articulate a compelling vision and purpose, mobilising “Walk the Talk” values
  • how to get inspired and inspire others.
  • thinking ahead and being strategic when immediacy and operations are high on the agenda

All within the specific and dynamic context of horticulture.

Practical, relevant and ready-to-use tools.

Three 2-day workshops over 3 months with zoom group coaching and nudge emails in between.

Interested ? Contact me to have a chat.

Take a look at the PDF Game Change Brochure