In-House & Customised Leadership Programmes

Comprehensive programmes to embed more progressive leadership into your organisation, tailored to your business. These are designed to help your technically smart middle to senior managers become better at leading themselves and leading others in today’s fast-paced and disrupted environment. The aim is to lift individuals and motivate them to work together so your workplace becomes a smarter, happier and healthier place to work.

There’s a notable saying

“What got us here will not get us there“ 

Traditional leadership styles are just not cutting it anymore. To keep up with our changing business environment and workforce we need to change how we lead.  The focus is on a shift towards a more transformational,  human-centred  style  of leadership, without compromising  achieving tasks and getting results.  

It is  about lifting and opening  minds,  introducing different ways of thinking. I’ll assist your staff to take more responsibility for themselves, connect in with others and lift their performance.

I use fit-for purpose leadership tools and will teach your staff how to apply them on a day-day basis in the coalface of your business.

Who For?

  • Companies that want to achieve smarter, healthier  performance through inspired growth & create a strong, healthy & cohesive internal culture. 
  • Busy, emerging or current leaders who are knee deep in operations, have high  technical expertise, and  would benefit from new ways to lead.  

We start with a simple but robust needs analysis which will enable me to design and then deliver fit-for-purpose, practical workshops. After the workshops, I’ll follow up with those who attended.

Along the way we’ll evaluate progress to make sure we are on track and achieve your desired outcomes.

There are  five broad clusters:

  • Shifting Leadership
  • Leading Myself
  • Engage  and Enable
  • Inspire and Influence
  • Expand My Impact

Every organisation or team has unique challenges and goals and the curriculum is made up of a flexible curriculum modular menu so we can  build  a customised in-house programme suited to your requirements and budget.

It will be tightly linked with your business need and where your team is at. Very bespoke.

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